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"Kiss of Life (Spiral Into the Storm Remix)" artwork

“Kiss of Life (Spiral Into the Storm Remix)”

Via SoundCloud

Friendly Fires' "Kiss of Life" manages to be both ridiculous and irresistible, especially in video format-- all the uncomfortable eye contact and urban-shaman dancing, the masked drumline, the frost-diva refrains! In other words, it's a great pop song. The Canadian producer Spiral Into the Storm takes this fine-tuned mechanism and loosens its screws. For nine minutes, over fizzed-up woodblock breakbeats, he bathes slinky synths in acid, dissolves vocals into halos of breath and light, and nudges quick flourishes from the source material into motifs. It's a pretty extensive overhaul, with the original's held-back arpeggio pulled up near the front, the bass stretched and vibrated, and minor squelches gathered into a rangy climax. To SITS's credit, those nine minutes feel pretty action-packed (although most of the action is concentrated in the middle section, between seductively long vocal deconstructions). I don't know what he used to make the mix, but it has the exciting, slightly errant feel of live hardware-- more like he's jamming on "Kiss of Life" than remixing it. Is it indulgent? Sure. But it's a remix of a song with a hipsters-in-the-desert video. Something more tasteful just wouldn't do.

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